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Johan’s SCCM Guru Q&A Now Available

Johan had some down-time the day after his excellent SCCM Guru webcast.  Enough time to jump through and answer all of the 71 questions you all threw at him during the webcast.

Grab the Slide deck

Watch the replay

Download the Q&A and read it later:  Johan’s Q&A from SCCM Guru Episode 11 (203.1k)

-or- view it here:

Question Answer
I thought in sccm 2007 package replication supported binary differenetial replication – whats the difference between that and the method in 2012 ? Metadata is replicated via SQL, and the files are stored in the new single instance content library. Replications has also become smart, meaning if a file already exist in another package, it will not be replicated. Delta replications was optional in CM2007.
How do you recomend updating reference images, when building it with MDT, if i’m using sccm software updates functionality. Do i need to have two wsus in my environment for this? If using MDT, I recommend having a separate WSUS for that.
Hej Johan, hΓ€lsningar frΓ₯n Halmstad Hey Back Halmstad πŸ™‚
Can this be ran in WINPE or only under an OS? If you refer to PowerShell script, only in the full Windows OS
The custom wizard screen\panels in MDT, can this be ran in WINPE or only under an OS? In the past it was only under the OS as there were .NET dependancies. Custom frontends can run both in WInPE and the full OS
any idea when mdt 2012 will be released? Yes, very soon  πŸ™‚
Eventhough it’s not supported, will sql 2012 bring any benefits in combination with CM2012? I don’t know
can you also install a OS service pack in an offline image? No
in cm07, by default, it uses the boot image of the last created advertisement is that still the case in cm2012? I only use a single boot image for all my deployments, so I don’t know. But I haven’t heard anything about this being changed
SCCM 2007 pauses if 64-bit OS is installed to 32-bit boot image. Does SCCM 2012 bypass this? SCCM 2007 does not pause just because you deployed from a 32-bit image. Thats only for OS Install Packages, and I don’t use them at all. I build my ref-images in Lite Touch, and deploy using a Install Image instead.
Do you recommend removing "Install Updates" step from TS and leverage Offline Servicing instead. The "Install Updates" is normally time consuming and unreliable, so I would prefer eliminating it if possible. Add your updates to your ref-image of time is important
Regarding updating the "offline Wim image", what happens with updates that require a reboot? The offline servicing knows how to deal with that
Why wouldn’t you just do these optional software install steps in the task sequence rather than having to use a separate ini file? Because it normally clutters the task sequence, and I have less dynamics to take advantage of (database, web services etc.). Organizations adding everything to the task sequence normally end up with too many task sequences
with the UDI, you populate the info specific to your enviroment and it writes to the proper files necessary for MDT ? UDI is reading the rules just like any normal deployment
What is the best method to update office from 2007 to 2010 if 2007 is in your base image? Rebuild you image
Is suspend availabe in ConfigMgr with the MDT integration? No, only Lite Touch
What is the best way to automate loading apps from a users current computer on to their new replacement computer? There is a stored procedure in the MDT database named retrievepackages that can be used for this
Can the apps that you can install be SCCM packages? Yes, soon  πŸ™‚
Does the Schedule Updates into image process know what updates are currently in the image before starting? Yes 
Don’t forget to mention Maik Kosters Webservices+FrontEnd πŸ˜‰ Too late πŸ™‚
Does breaking drives up into packages for each model duplicate driver files and make your image size much larger? No, even driver packages is using the new content library
what are the best practices for sorting drivers? By tagging them to categories based on OS Family and Model
Should I use DP or Secondary sites, since secondary sites still as an option? Depends, if you have large branch offices, e.g. 500 or more people, you might still need secondary sites.
Can you show the Self-service Application Web Portal as another user besides the administrator, it is only working as administrator. Sorry, missed this during the session, but the new Application catalog works fine as a normal user.
Any major "gotchas" migrating to MDT2012? Yes πŸ™‚  Ronnie Pedersen has some good info on his site:
Pushing images out, I noticed an option of run from server or downlowd from server. Do you have a recommendation on either option to speed up the image process? Not really in SCCM, the default now is to download first
When is MDT 2012 final release (not beta) expected to be available? Soon  πŸ™‚
MDT2010 had separate boot.wims for 32 and 64 bit. Will MDT2012 and ConfigMgr2012 have one merged boot.wim? MDT 2012 supports using a single boot image
Regarding thin versus thick image: If you want to have office 2010 and proofing tools in your image. Would you build the image in MDT or Configmgr ? MDT 2012 Lite Touch
Does offline servicing support only NT6.1, or NT 6.0 as well? NT 6.0 and above
When is Johan doing his next SCCM Guru presentation? πŸ™‚ Nothing Scheduled
curious what the presentation tool that Johan is using for the zoom, arrows, boxes, etc? Zoomit, from Sysinternals
did you pick this music? God, no…
Johan, you should know that Vikings come from MINNESOTA not Sweden. Sorry about that  πŸ™‚
is the offline servicing of updates only for Microsoft Updates? Is it possible to use for 3rd party updates? I have not tried 3rd party updates, so I don’t know
can user device affinity be scripted to link user to a device? Yes, but I don’t have a readymade example
Any idea when MDT 2012 will be released? Yes, Soon πŸ™‚
Any idea whether PXE boot/deployment uses unicast or multicast? The boot image comes down with multicast, but the OS image can be configured to use multicast
I may have missed this, but can MDT 2012 still run by itself with SCCM? Yes
*without SCCM Yes
When you upgrade MDT, does it overwrite any customized UDI interfaces? No, you create a new MDT files package for MDT 2012
What do you think about capturing .wim files with imagex or Gimagex? Thats what MDT 2012 does… As for doing captures manually, don’t… πŸ™‚
I am interested in getting trained in Configmgr2012. any suggestion? Check out
I want to hear "Me and My Drum" LOL
What music do we have to look forward to at Johan’s sessions at MMS? I have an updated playlist  πŸ™‚
For OSD, how many clients per DP? Don’t know of any limit, but for unicast depoyments its normally diffciult to do more than 55-60 at the same time
If I want to remove a driver, due to anything, say a vulnerability in the driver… what is the preferred method? remove from the repository? Yes, from the repository, but make a note of all packages that is using it first
really great presentation Johan! How good is the documentation for OSD 2012 and SCCM 2012, does it walk you thruogh things like enabling pxe boot on the primary? Thanks, The docs I have seen so far have been more focused on being a reference, but not so much of step-by-step guide
did you publish the task sequence for the SCCM hydration kit? THanks Hydration for Beta 2, RC1 and RC2 is available on my blog: RTM will be released next week.
Can you schedule updates to an image that is combined to include both the x86 and x64 images? I have no idea…
Why the preference for thin image vs original media build? Thin images are less costly to maintain, and allows for gerater flexibility at deployment time
What is the recommended method of upgrading from SCCM 07 and is there any good documentation for this? Side-by-Side is the only option, and the SCCM 2012 is quite goo don this part
Is it possible to chain those remote DPs one after another, or can a remote DP only be below a site server? For example, today I have BDPs that get content from Server Share DPs in our CM 2007 hierarchy. Can I still do something similar? You can use Content routing to make sure the data flows the way you like it
How does 2012 now handle importing a driver which already exists? It used to fail miserably. You now have four options related to that during import of the driver
Wondering specifically if you import a driver which already exists, will it add it and also add the new category? With the default import option, yes
Do you know Techno-Viking? Nope
Are you running differencing disks for your VM’s with the deduplication enabled? No
With 2012 is there any way to link multiple task sequences? No
Is this same information going to be covered at MMS? Some of it yes, the geeks guide to galaxy session will have some of this info on it.
is it possible to use a varible rather than create a task sequence item for each model? You can programmatically assign categories, but its easier to add conditions to the packages. Total Control is better than Total Chaos πŸ™‚
Doesn’t having Percent signs on both ends make the whole string an wildcard?\ Correct, it dows
I don’t know if my question is relevant but what is the Microsoft’s or Johan’s approach in terms of workflow management for the end-to-end deployment such as: notifying the user  
or the user request, date/time schedule confirmation, actual deployment, wrap up, etc. (for mass deployment scenario) Its up to you, you can either allow the user to start the deployment, or you can force it as an admin
ConfigMgr Packages tab won’t work with litetouch still, correct? Correct
If there is same variables on multiple sections, what would be the priority? (e.g. If JoinDomain= is on 3 sections [Default], [SectionA], [SectionB], which value will win? Depends on what property, but most of them are first-write wins… Unless you set them hard using a script ot set task sequence variable action
will MDT 2012 support CM07? Yes
Has MS addressed the problems with the pxe service point breaking. With 2007 you had to remove the pxe service point and uninstall wds then re-add both to resolve. Yes
Do you have to set PXE on workstaions to deploy Windows 7 from SCCM2012 No PXE server when running the DP on Windows 7 clients, requires a Server for that DP feature. If you want to have Windows 7 clients acting as PXE Servers you need to add third party.
I need to run ACT tool in my environment to get ready for windows 7 and we found BDNA CM tool the queries SCCM. IS BDNA CM is going the same thing as the ACT TOOl ? I have not used the BDNA tools, but I know they have a collector function and a Windows 7 readiness database.
how do you deploy to a ich4 chipset? i cant get the drivers to show up in the mass storage drivers Manually update sysprep.inf in your ref image, or create apply driver package in SCCM, selecting that driver

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