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It has arrived! A More Intelligent Way to Manage IT Alerts

alert management

Send alerts to the right person on the right team, at the right time.

SolarWinds Alert Central consolidates alerts from all your current systems, automates their escalation according to your rules and simplifies on-call scheduling all for FREE!

Alert Central is the perfect alert management product for your organization, whether you’re scheduling just a few IT pros or managing a large network operations center.

Small shops use alert central as an extension of their team to cut down on missed alerts, helping the most important issues get addressed faster, and almost serving as a NOC. It’s easy to see the benefits of Alert Central for a group that needs the extra body but you might be asking “if I have a NOC why would I need Alert Central?” Keep reading…

Why Alert Central Belongs in Your NOC

Automating alert management in your NOC can positively impact your company’s bottom line. By ensuring issues get routed to the person most able to solve them, problems are addressed faster and their impact lessened. Additionally, when the NOCs staff are free from routine scheduling and routing processes, they are able to focus on more value-added tasks including proactive maintenance, technical troubleshooting, and in-depth support for demanding situations as they arise.

However, if your team already has an alert routing process in place, there are many ways your team can utilize this free software. Current Alert Central users have found that the consolidated dashboard view of alerts and integrated on-call scheduling improves their response time, gets issues to the appropriate on-call party, and keeps any alerts from falling through the cracks.

Beyond the NOC, Alert Central is great for managing security incidents and helpdesks where similar on-call and escalation management are required.

Learn more about Alert Central and download this great free software.  Or, come by SolarWinds booth #712 at MMS to see a demo of this software in action.

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