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Issues with the MMS 2012 Schedule Builder Outlook Sync option? Its fixed, sorta

Shortly after the MMS 2012 Schedule Builder went live there were numerous reports of folks having issues with the Outlook Sync option for the Outlook calendar.

Outlook Sync option

When you chose this option you would eventually be presented with the following error dialog:

App cannot be started

There was a definite issue and it has now been resolved – with one caveat.  It now works, however, it ONLY works with Internet Explorer.  It does not work with non-Microsoft (Chrome for example) browsers.

UPDATE 1 (March 7, 2012):  The good MMS folks are working on a fix for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.  Stay tuned.

UPDATE 2 (March 8, 2012): After a bit of work it has been decided that the Outlook Sync component will NOT work with non-Microsoft browsers and the option for Outlook Sync has been removed for users of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.

Outlook Sync is gone!

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