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iPhone Configuration Utility (iPCU) v3.5 – What Changed

imageThe previous iPCU v3.4 utility was released on October 12, 2011 together with the iOS 5 public release.  The Configuration Profile Key Reference documentation is not yet updated since October 2011 as well, so it is unclear if iOS 5.1 provides new configuration options, otherwise many of the changes in v3.4 all required iOS 5 on the iOS devices.

The instructions have previously not included a Change Log, so it has been difficult to understand at time what exactly has changed in this tool.  This post is a quick walk through to catch the differences between v3.4 and the new v3.5 released last week on March 7, 2012.

After the quick 40Mb download and installation:


The familiar menu and screen layout has remained intact.

#1 – Duplicate functionality

If you are tweaking and making changes to an existing profile for testing, this feature was somehow broken in v3.4, but now works again!


#2 – Passcode Settings

There appears to be new 10 and 15 minute settings for the iPad only. Unconfirmed if iOS 5.1 is required, but I would assume so.


#3 – Restrictions Settings

The only change in restrictions I could see is the “Allow Siri while device locked” setting.


No changes at all appear to be found in the WiFi Settings.  I know many have had previous problems with the Proxy settings, so some testing should be performed there..


#4 – VPN Settings

Some additional good news here with the addition of “SonicWALL Mobile Connect” and “Aruba VIA” support that now has been added to the utility.


No other changes seen in the Email, Exchange ActiveSync, LDAP, CalDAV, Subscribed Calendars, CardDAV, Web Clips, or Credentials Settings.

#5 – SCEP Settings

In the SCEP screen there are two new interesting values for “Retires” and “RetryDelay”. Unknown if these have been embedded previously, but now available for tweaking..


#6 – Mobile Device Management Settings

I spotted two new “Apps” options here for MDM usage:


Nothing changed in the APN Settings screen.

All-in-all some fairly minor updates and bug-fixes. With only a hand-full of changes we should still await the official Apple documentation update for additional details so the full understanding can be understood.

It will be interesting to see how and when the various MDM vendors also start to include these new features.

Downloads and Information:

Windows –
Mac OS X –
Online help – (has been updated for the new settings in v3.5)

v3.2 Changes – (for iOS 4.2)
v3.1 Changes – (for iOS 4.1)
Apple Enterprise Utilities:

Next up will be the all new Apple Configurator 1.0 tool when I have some time..


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