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iOS 11 to Release September 19 – Businesses Should Prepare for Gotchas

iOS 11 has been in testing for some time. As with every new Apple platform release, there are new features and fixes. However, there are also “gotchas” to be aware of, particularly for iPhone business users. A couple of this release’s issues could be hugely detrimental and costly if not vetted correctly.

We’ll add more as they are uncovered, but here’s a few…

  • Exchange ActiveSync is broken when Exchange Server 2016 is installed on Windows Server 2016. Apple is aware of the issue and working on a fix. Microsoft says the problem is that iOS 11 does a poor job negotiating an HTTP/2 TLS connection. HTTP/2 is the default on Windows Server 2016 and iOS 11.
  • The default picture format for iPhones 7/8/X is changing. The new default is the High Efficiency, or HEIF, format.  The new format offers better image quality but is about half the size of previous JPEG. The problem is that nothing else supports this file format yet and the images won’t work on anything but the upgraded iPhone. Windows, OneDrive, and other file storage platforms will need to also be updated to work. More on the new HEVC, HEIC, and HEIF files on iOS devices.
  • Intune issues: Though Microsoft states the Intune will work to manage devices running iOS11, there’s a long list of caveats. See those here: Support Tip: Intune Support for iOS 11

We originally received our list through the myITforum TipLine, but Michael B. Smith has this original information on his blog entitled: iOS 11 about to release – Things to be aware of.

Michael also includes some information about Yammer and CRM not working, as well as providing a Microsoft link to a potential workaround for the Exchange ActiveSync issue.


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