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Integrating Dell XPS 13 USB 3.0 Drivers into WinPE 3.x

As most of you know by now, Dell’s "newly" released XPS 13 Ultrabook contains a USB 3.0 chipset which also means you have to deal with a new, non-native driver for use with Windows PE.  With that, here is a quick and dirty guide on what drivers are needed for the XPS 13 for Windows PE.

Download the drivers:

Obviously the first step is to obtain our drivers.  So lets go to and download them from the appropriate product page.  Here is the direct link to the current version of the driver (You’ll want to check for updated versions as this may become outdated quickly): Dell Fresco Logic xHCI (USB3) Controller FL1009 Series

Extracting the drivers:

The next step is to extract the drivers.  Using Dell’s utility or a program like 7-zip, extract the drivers to a folder.  In here is the full setup MSI and the fully extracted drivers. 

Gathering the drivers:

There are 2 drivers we will need out of this (2 per architecture, so 4 total).  In the picture below, I have highlighted the directories that contain the x86 and x64 versions of the 2 drivers you need.


Simply import these drivers into SCCM/MDT (remember to give them a Category!) and inject into your boot images like normal.  If done properly, you should have the following 2 drivers in your boot images:


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