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Including HP Warranty Information in the SCCM Hardware Inventory

I was looking for a way to include warranty information for our HP workstations in our SCCM database.  The process I cam up with is documented here.  It uses a VBScript to look up the system warranty information from HP, write it into the registry and have it picked up by hardware inventory.  It also describes a procedure to use desired configuration management to create a collection of systems that do not have warranty information in the registry.

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  1. Love it! This is definitely handy, though I think it’s choking on the way the table is formatted for our machines. You can see in this screenshot ( that the first column spans two rows, and the script is erroring out on line 138 — arrContracts(1) doesn’t have any data in it. Any quick fix?

    • David, your screen shot looks quite a bit different than the results I get when I run it for our machines. We do not have a Service Level column or a Deliverables column. I’m sure that is where the issue lies. The script is parsing the html and reading through the table information and the table is formatted differently than what it is expecting.
      You would have to modify the script so it handles those extra columns as expected. arContracts(1) should be the value of the hardware warranty start date.

      • I dug a little further into it and found that the HTML that was being returned from HP was littered with tab characters instead of spaces. I changed this line:
        cell = Replace(cell,”                                   ”,””)
        To this:
        cell = Replace(cell,Chr(9),””)
        And the script now runs perfectly. Maybe it was something goofy with the way I copied/pasted the code from the web.

        We’re an Altiris shop instead of SCCM so all I have left to do now is to get my inventory tasks to pull that registry key and we should be golden. Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Has anyone been able to get this to return information for the HP Folio 13?

  3. It is unable to locate Product Number, so I think the WMI settings may be different on the HP Folio. I have been unable to locate the Product Number Value within WMI, but will respond back if I locate it.

  4. I can confirm that non of my Folio 13 systems have warranty information returned. I seem to remember HP telling us when it came out that it is technically a consumer device so it doesn’t necessarily play by all the rules.

  5. Thank you for your response. I was afraid that was the case and will have to see if HP can lend an alternative solution. I will be sure to reply if I receive any valuable information.

  6. Hi Guys, I saw comments about HP warranties and Folio 13 systems.

    You may know that I work for Enhansoft (on the technical side), we have a similar product that does all vendors. I’m NOT trying to sell you anything.

    I’m curious if our product will discover the warranty for your Folio 13 systems (we use several different detection methods for HP) and I would like to test it. Would it be too much to ask for one or two serial number from your Folio 13 system?

    Please feel free to message them to me vs posting them here.

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