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ICYMI: Windows 10 Servicing with Language Packs Using SCCM (current branch)

Niall Brady has written up a very informative and detailed blog article about using Configuration Manager current branch to service Windows 10 installations that are using language packs. This is the latest in a list of step-by-step  “guides” that he has been creating for ConfigMgr CB, which I recommend that you check on a regular basis for new content.

With the increased footprint of Windows 10 and the use of ConfigMgr CB for servicing, new challenges have come into play, and effectively servicing Microsoft’s latest OS when language packs are used is one of them.

The article describes using a custom script and deploying an .ini file for each language pack to clients, and in doing so, administrators should have an effective workaround for using Configuration Manager current branch servicing plans to maintain these Windows 10 configurations.

A few items worth mentioning that are not in Niall’s article:

  • When upgrading clients via Windows Update or Windows Update for Business, Windows Setup w/Dynamic Update (DU) can detect and swap out language packs via the Windows Update service. However Dynamic Update is not supported for servicing Windows 10 using the current releases of Configuration Manger CB.
  • ConfigMgr admins can continue to use task sequences for Windows 10 upgrades; however, there is obviously additional, manual effort involved with this process as the updated media will need to be imported and deployed. While servicing is designed to be the easiest method going forward, task sequences still provide additional extensibility in scenarios such as what has been described here.
  • While possible, the use of multiple images (one for each language) isn’t recommended as it does not provide the best long-term flexibility of using a single base image/language with additional language packs applied on top.


How can I use Windows 10 Servicing When a Language Pack is Installed Using System Center Configuration Manager (Current Branch) – By Niall Brady

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