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IBM Testing the Voice Assistant Market with Watson

IBM Testing the Voice Assistant Market with Watson

The Voice Assistant industry is becoming a crowded place. The primary leaders still lead, but there is continual movement from others wanting to capture a piece of the pie.

The latest entry is from IBM. Most still recognize IBM as the old workhouse that has seen better days, but the company is continuing to attempt to reinvent itself – in hopes that a younger generation will welcome it in the ranks.

IBM has renamed its Watson Conversation to Watson Assistant to appear more recognizable in this space. AI (artificial intelligence) continues to be the scary term for this area, while the word “assistant” makes AI seem useful, helpful, and less willing to take over the world.

IBM doesn’t yet produce hardware with its assistant built in or yet have a voice or a face, but is inviting developers to help spur the next business revolution for IBM through voice UI.

To get started with your trial, you will create a Free Plan (no charge) instance of the Watson Assistant service, which is capped at 10,000 free API calls. At the end of the trial period your instance will be disabled if you do not upgrade your account to a subscription plan.

Get started here: Watson Assistant

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