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Hyper-V Host/Guest Reports for ConfigMgr using Normalize CM

This is something you might have missed if you’re not a member of the BDNA Normalize CM Community Group.

Julien Moreau, myITforum member and BDNA person, just posted SQL and WQL queries for gathering information to identify the relation between a Hyper-V host and its VM.

Of course, to get this information, or to make the ConfigMgr data usable, you’ll need Normalize CM deployed.  Check it out:

SQL Query:

      hstR.ResourceID as ‘Host ID’,
      hstR.Netbios_Name0 as ‘Host Name’,
      hstOS.OS_Name0 as ‘Host OS Name’,
      hstOS.OS_MajorVersion0 as ‘Host OS Version’,
      hstOS.OS_Edition0 as ‘Host OS Edition’,
      gstR.ResourceID as ‘Guest ID’,
      gstR.Netbios_Name0 as ‘Guest Name’,
      gstOS.OS_Name0 as ‘Host OS Name’,
      gstOS.OS_MajorVersion0 as ‘Host OS Version’,
      gstOS.OS_Edition0 as ‘Host OS Edition’
INNER JOIN v_R_System gstR ON gstR.ResourceID=gst.ResourceID
LEFT JOIN v_GS_BDNA_Hardware_Data0 gstOS ON gstOS.SMSUniqueIdentifier0=gstR.SMS_Unique_Identifier0
LEFT JOIN v_R_System hstR ON hstR.Netbios_Name0=gst.PhysicalHostName0
LEFT JOIN v_GS_BDNA_Hardware_Data0 hstOS ON hstOS.SMSUniqueIdentifier0=hstR.SMS_Unique_Identifier0
WHERE gst.PhysicalHostName0 IS NOT NULL

WQL Query:

select SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostName, gstR.ResourceId, gstR.NetbiosName, gstOS.OS_Name, gstOS.OS_MajorVersion, gstOS.OS_Edition, hstR.Active from SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE inner join SMS_R_System as gstR on gstR.ResourceId = SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.ResourceID left join SMS_G_System_BDNA_BDNAHARDWAREDATA_1_1 as gstOS on gstOS.SMSUniqueIdentifier = gstR.SMSUniqueIdentifier left join SMS_R_System as hstR on hstR.NetbiosName = SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostName left join SMS_G_System_BDNA_BDNAHARDWAREDATA_1_1 as hstOS on hstOS.SMSUniqueIdentifier = hstR.SMSUniqueIdentifier where SMS_G_System_VIRTUAL_MACHINE.PhysicalHostName is not null

Original post in the BDNA Normalize CM forum:

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