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HTA’s not working in WinPE

Have you tried to implement one of the HTA wizards into your ZTI deployment only to find out that it is not launching or showing up at all? Well besides the configuration required to get the script running in the first place, there is some requirements for WinPE that enables it to successfully launch HTA’s.

If you do a windiff on your ZTI$\Boot\Source folder and the Original WinPE 2005 download, you may find that the ZTI source is missing MSHTML.DLL file. The reason this may be is because you may be using Windows Server 2003 SP1 and Windows PE 2005 to create your boot image from the BDD workbench. The problem has to do with the BuildOptionalComponents.vbs script that is used to create your image. It looks for the following files, mshtml.dl_, iepeers.dl_, plugin.oc_, in your Windows 2003 SP1 source media. Unfortunately these are already extracted to the full names in the Windows 2003 SP1 source media, therefore the script never finds the file, and therefore was never able to copy it over to the ZTI\Boot\Source correctly before building it.

You will either need to modify the script to look for both file names, extracted and non-extracted, or you will need to manually copy the files (at least MSHTML.DLL) over to your ZTI\Boot\Source folder in order to get HTA windows to launch at all.

Another person that had this same problem stated that he did the following as a workaround for getting it to work as well:

“As a workaround, since I didn’t want to edit any scripts, I found those 3 files in Windows XP and copied those to the source location in Server 2003.”

Hopefully this should help others out there running into the same issue.

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