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How to participate in MMS 2013 even if you aren’t going

Clearly, the Microsoft Management Summit is the best-loved conference that Microsoft produces.  There are those TechEdders out there, but when it comes to MMS, there are some real die-hard fans.  Each year you hear of attendees that spend their own money and take vacation days to attend after their manager wouldn’t approve the trip.  MMS is that important.  You can listen to people rave about the event, but until you’ve actually attended, the majority of the praise the conference receives is hard to personally imagine.

Still, there are those this year that simply cannot attend.  Next week they’ll be sitting at their desk, faced with the same daily work issues, but a bit distracted by the longing for learning and community that only MMS 2013 could give.

So, for those of you out there who will not be in attendance at MMS 2013, here’s some great resources you can use during the week to get just a smidgen of your MMS 2013 fix and also participate remotely.

MMS 2013 Live!

Like in years past, we’ve rolled out the MMS Live! web page here on  MMS Live! is a Twitter component where you can watch the stream of information flowing in directly from MMS 2013.  But, not only that, you can also Reply to, Retweet, and Favorite (for reading later) the information flowing in.  This gives you the ability to interact with everyone in attendance and even ask questions during the sessions that will be taken up and answered by those monitoring the feed.

MMS 2013 Live!:

Twitter Army

The Twitter Army kickoff is Sunday night this year and you can expect a great stack of information flowing through MMS Live! from the Twitter Army members.  Not only will they be providing great information but they’ll also be vying for some really cool prizes.

So, what if you don’t have access to the MMS Live! during the evening hours or when you are mobile?  There’s still ways to capture the timely information using any web browser or mobile device.  Most mobile devices have the option to install a Twitter client from their respective app stores.  Grab a Twitter client and do this…

Follow these Twitter accounts:

  • @mmsteam – the official MMS 2013 conference Twitter account
  • @myITforum – the official MMS 2013 community Twitter account

Track these Twitter hashtags:

  • #mms2013 – the official MMS 2013 conference hashtag
  • #mmsfun – the official MMS 2013 community hashtag

Channel 9

The MMS 2013 keynote will be streaming live (and in replay), and all of the MMS 2013 sessions will be available for replay on Channel 9 this year.  This gives those remote to the event the ability to catch all of the great information flowing from the stages across the Mandalay Bay to a local computer.   You can visit the Channel 9 page, grab the RSS feed to be notified when new sessions are posted, and even use the new Channel 9 Windows 8 app.

The Channel 9 MMS 2013 page:

The RSS Feed:

The Channel 9 Windows 8 app:

Channel 9 app for Windows in the Windows Store


P.S. As of today, the Channel 9 app does not have the MMS 2013 event set up, but our buddy Joey Snow has promised that it will be available in the app by the time MMS 2013 kicks-off.

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