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How to make your Android Smart Phone Smarter Part 1

So for Christmas my wife allowed me to finally upgrade my phone to a smart phone. After lots of research I decided to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S ii Skyrocket. Then I got a Otter Box Defender Case. You may ask why such a big case. Well my thought and feel is that one I wanted the phone to be as protected as possible since I am a BSA leader and with camping a lot I wanted my phone safe. This case doesn’t make it water proof but it should make it splash protected.

So now I have this cool new phone and in my opinion one of the most powerful at the moment. Yes I know it doesn’t have ICS Android 4.x yet, but by summer it will. The guys at have a great chart that lets you know when you phone is suppose to get .

What does the Phone need

There are the 3 main things that I took into account when I picked this phone:

First: is it ICS capable  – Yes

Second: is it LTE – Yes

Third: can I expand the memory – Yes it came with 16 gig and I added 32 gig. Roomer has it that the transcend 64gig will work as well.


The next thing I took into account is can I customize the phone to my needs. I loved that the Android phone is open source and that it can be rooted and modified If I desire.

Please keep in mind that if you do decide to root your phone that it usually voids your warranty.

In part 2 I will cover some of the great apps that I’ve found to make the phone powerful and Beautiful.

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