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Help choose the myITforum party slogan

It’s that time of year again!  We’re getting closer and closer to the kick-off for MMS 2012, and also the myITforum party.  Each year, we put a different slogan on our myITforum party tickets, and offer you the ability to choose that slogan.  The myITforum ticket (button) is just as popular as any other SWAG offered at MMS and some folks have even set their collection to framing.

myITforum party button MMS 2009

We’ve cobbled together a few “ideas” of what the slogan should be for the ticket, but we need your help deciding.  Don’t like any of the one’s provided?  Add your own!

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The myITforum Admin is a regular member and author of myITforum. In addition, he is constantly watching and monitoring the community for potential IT superheroes.

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  1. new suggestion

    Myitforum is our GoldRush!

    Then ditch the cloud and put a nugget on the button

    who thinks Rod looks like the director of Gold Rush Alaska 🙂

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