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Help Choose Enhansoft’s Next Free ConfigMgr Report for the Month of December 2016

The report choices in November’s poll are: Computer Service Details and List of PCs With Less Than 10 Percent Free Hard Drive Space.


a) The Computer Service Details report is useful when you need to quickly review the status of each service installed on a PC. For example, if you need to track down PCs that don’t have McAfee service installed, you can review the list of services that are installed on an individual PC to see if it has McAfee (or an alternate anti-virus software) before taking any action.

Computer Service Details 

In the full-feature set, this report is the final drill down report from List of Services by Service Account Name, List of PCs with a Service and List of PCs with a Service Set to Automatic & Service is Not Running.

b) The List of PCs With Less Than 10 Percent Free Hard Drive Space report will provide a list of PCs where at least one hard drive has less than 10% free disk space. This will allow you to proactively resolve any free disk space issues before they become a real problem.

List of PCs with Less Than 10 Percent Free Hard Drive Space

All of our reports have the Role-Based Administration (RBA) feature enabled. This means that if you are using System Center 2012 R2 Configuration Manager or higher, these reports will work with all RBA clients.

Don’t forget to contact Info AT Enhansoft to request November’s free SSRS report, Microsoft Office Details.

If you would like to suggest future SSRS report give-aways, please email ewrwish At Enhansoft with your ideas.

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