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Windows 10

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  • In Control with no Control: Perceptions and Reality of Windows 10 Home Edition Update Features (2.7m)  
    In category: Report.
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on February 26, 2019. 45 downloads since then.

    Home computer users are regularly advised to install software updates to stay secure. Windows 10 Home edition is unique as it automatically downloads and installs updates, and restarts the computer automatically if needed. The automatic restarts can be influenced through a number of features, such as ‘active hours’ (the period during which a computer will never automatically restart to finish installing an update) or by explicitly setting a time when to restart the computer.

    This research investigates if the features Microsoft provides for managing updates on Windows 10 Home edition are appropriate for computer owners.

  • printers-in-dubai.pdf (0b)  
    Uploaded by tecnalco61 on June 8, 2016. 136 downloads since then.
  • Disable Action Center (0b)  
    In category: Tools.
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on September 8, 2015. 784 downloads since then.

    This is a registry import that disables the Action Center in Windows 10. It adds a new DWORD (32-bit) Value called DisableNotificationCenter to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Explorer and sets the Data Value to: 1.

    Change the Data Value to 0 to bring Action Center back.

  • AppDB Registry Import for Fixing Missing Notifications (0b)  
    In category: Tools.
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on September 4, 2015. 12711 downloads since then.

    A registry import for fixing missing Windows 10 Notifications.

  • Shortcut keys for Windows 10 (0b)  
    In category: Guide.
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on August 24, 2015. 665 downloads since then.

    This guide lists shortcut keys that you can use from the desktop in Windows 10.

  • Windows 10 Event OneNote Notes (0b)  
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on January 21, 2015. 319 downloads since then.

    This OneNote section can be imported into OneNote as a scorecard for Windows 10 announcements.