Microsoft Surface

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  • Six myths of Windows RT revealed (0b)  
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on March 7, 2013. 151 downloads since then.
    There has been a lot of (mis)information being circulated about capabilities of Windows RT, the new Microsoft operating system for ARM tablets. This discussion should dispel a number of those myths and will highlight the robust capabilities of this new and exciting operating system powering the next generation of Dell tablets.
  • Microsoft Surface Getting Started Guide (0b)  
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on February 11, 2013. 97 downloads since then.
    Released February 9, 2013 - This getting started guide has been updated to include the Microsoft Surface Pro. The guide talks through the features of both the Pro and RT models.
  • Microsoft Surface "Help Me Choose" guide (0b)  
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on October 25, 2012. 250 downloads since then.
    This table shows the differences between Microsoft Surface with Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro.
  • Microsoft Surface Spec Sheet (0b)  
    Uploaded by Rod Trent on June 19, 2012. 189 downloads since then.
    Grab this spec sheet to see what the Microsoft Surface tablet has to offer.