Google Launches Chrome Canvas – a PWA for Quick Drawings and Sketches

Google today has launched a new Progressive Web App (PWA) called Chrome Canvas.

Chrome Canvas is a web-based drawing tool, giving users the ability to make quick sketches and drawings using a small toolkit of pens, pencils, and erasers.

Chrome Canvas:

The tool is pretty basic, but according to rumors, Google may be developing this into a more feature rich artists tool. Your drawings are automatically saved and you can export any drawing as a PNG file. You can also open a local image file to draw or write on it. It works well with a finger, a mouse cursor, or a compatible stylus.

You can access this on any ChromeOS device and through the Chrome browser, or install it as a PWA app.

To install a PWA, once on a PWA-enabled website, just choose the “install” option on the Settings menu.

If you’re looking for something more full-featured, Sketchpad is still the best: Tip: Best Sketching/Drawing App for ChromeOS