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Google Covers Another Cloud Adoption Angle Through Partnership with Intel

Google’s hope is that companies want to move their on-premises operations completely to the cloud. Google has never had an on-premises play like Microsoft, so the predominantly search-focused company truly can’t speak to what Enterprises really want. Enterprises are focused solely on hybrid cloud operations these days and despite a lot of marketing play suggesting companies are marching to the cloud, that’s just not the case.

Google’s cloud success is pinned on a full and complete migration from on-premises to the cloud, since the company has nothing of value to offer Enterprises that choose to keep certain functions in-house. But, through a new partnership with Intel announced today, you can expect the company will be working hard to convince Enterprises that cloud operations are a better option. As Google puts it, by deepening Google’s unique relationship with Intel, we can better help enterprises transition to the cloud:

Today, the Google Cloud team is excited to announce a strategic alliance with Intel to support and accelerate enterprise adoption of the cloud. We’ve worked closely with Intel for years on datacenter processor technology, and are now expanding our collaboration to help enterprise customers move from legacy infrastructure to an open, secure and future-proof cloud. The alliance will focus on technology integrations and joint market education efforts.

Read the full announcement: Google and Intel announce strategic alliance to accelerate cloud adoption in the enterprise

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