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Google Chrome Shows Up in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store – and then Disappears

UPDATE: The Google Chrome installer reported in the original article has now been removed. Whether it was a mistake that someone authorized the app in the Store or there was something wrong with the app, we may never know. However, Microsoft did deliver the following statement to The Verge:

…”we have removed the Google Chrome Installer App from Microsoft Store, as it violates our Microsoft Store policies.”

Of course, well, the app did show up so it was approved somehow.


Google has officially made its entrance into the Microsoft Store on Windows 10 devices – and apparently, Microsoft has officially allowed entry.

If you go to the following link today, you’ll see that there’s a new entry for Google Chrome, Google’s popular web browser:

Google Chrome Installer

The store entry is only a link that directs you to Chrome’s installation page to allow you to download and initiate the installation files.  But, its interesting when you consider that Microsoft’s own Windows 10 browser, Edge, is a failure in many ways. Microsoft has made some contrary moves in the last year or so, pushing deeper into providing its apps and services for non-Microsoft platforms including Android, iOS, and Linux. Could this surprise reveal mean that the company is ready to move past its Edge woes and possibly begin promoting Google’s more popular web browser?


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