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Google Adds Scheduled Pause Feature to Wi-Fi Device

Google’s Wi-Fi devices may not be the most popular but the company continues to add popular features to make the devices more appealing to a wider audience.

The latest update brings a new “scheduled pause” feature. As the feature name suggests, the feature allows Google Wifi owners to pause the Internet for periods of time. For families, this could be a great way to get kids to stop consuming the Internet and staring blankly ad device screens during dinner. For those with difficulty getting to sleep, setting a bedtime schedule could be valuable.

On the surface this seems like a great feature. However, if you have devices that need a connection overnight – like PCs or home assistant devices that are scheduled to update overnight – you’ll need to be careful with scheduling. This new feature doesn’t seem to have the depth of similar devices that can pause the Internet for specific devices or for all devices except a few.

Full announcement: Google Wifi now makes scheduling internet time easier

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