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Gibson Research Releases Tool to Quickly Identify Meltdown/Spectre Vulnerability, Just Don’t Use Microsoft Edge

Gibson Research has a long history of producing useful tools. Well, that really depends on who you ask. The old Spinrite utility from the 1990’s was reported in some cases to actually destroy hard drives instead of fix them.

However, the company has now delivered a tool called InSpectre that does a quick scan to notify if a PC is susceptible or not to the Meltdown and Spectre security problems for computer processors.

Download it from here:

However, if you happen to try and use Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer to access that page, good luck. You’ll be accosted by the following, scary warning…


Gibson Research says…

BOGUS “SmartScreen” WARNING from Edge and IE11 Browsers
Windows Defender “SmartScreen” appears to have decided that InSpectre is malware. This also happened briefly after the release of our Never10 utility. In this case, it is likely due to the fact that InSpectre’s initial release was triggering anti-virus scanners due to the program’s use of a specific registry key used to enable and disable the Meltdown and Spectre protections. The second release obscures its use of that (apparently worrisome) key and now appears to pass through most A/V without trouble. So we are hopeful that this SmartScreen false alarm will disappear soon.
In the meantime, PLEASE do not get a copy of this program from any 3rd-party download site, since that one could actually be malicious. If you have any non-Microsoft web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, etc.) you should be able to obtain and use InSpectre without trouble. If you have a friend who is using some other computer (Windows 7 has no problem with this either) ask them to grab it from here and send it to you. Since the program is only 122k (written in assembly language) it’s feasible to eMail it.


Just to be safe, you can use Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, or another web browser.


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