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Getting the MMS 2012 Schedule Builder calendar sync to work with your iPhone and Android device

After posting about the MMS 2012 Schedule Builder calendar sync options, a couple community members went to work to make sure the calendar sync options work with iPhone and Android.


From Nick Scott:  I figured it out. I added the webcal link as an “Other Calendar” to my gmail account I have associated with my iPhone. It then shows up in the list as ‘MMS 2012 Calendar’.

Now, on my iPhone, I went to and selected the MMS 2012 Calendar to be synced with my account. About a minute later the calendar showed up in my iPhone. This will probably work with Android as well, if you use a gmail account.


If after trying what Nick outlined above, you may want a bit more.  If you use Outlook quite a bit and have an Android device, check out CompanionLink for Google.  I’ve used this for what seems like forever, and it will sync all of the Outlook components (calendar, tasks, contacts, notes, etc.) to all of your connected Android devices automatically.

Also…after posting this, I was contacted by to let me know that they have a free synching product for Microsoft Outlook:

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  1. ok after seeing what you did with your gmail account for for I phone i realized i could do this for my Android gmail account.
    Simply right click the .ics calendar link and choose copy link then go to your gmail calendar and add another calendar from a url and paste the url from the .ics calendar link.

    In a few minutes presto chango the calendar is on your phone 🙂

    Thanks Nick and Rod

  2. I use this link to manage which Google calendars sync to my phone.

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