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Get your certs in at MMS 2012, the full scoop

We’ve talked about the certification options at MMS 2012 before, but in case you missed it:  Certification Exams and training available at MMS 2012.

NOTE: Don’t miss the bottom of this page to get the ENTIRE scoop on certs at MMS 2012.

This is an exciting new feature for MMS and I really hope you all take advantage of it. In addition to having a couple FREE Private Cloud exams to take, you get a special MMS-only 30% off the other exams being offered (lots of System Center goodness).  I realize that MMS can be overwhelming, particularly for the newbies, and I realize that you probably have your entire week booked already through the Schedule Builder, but you might want to take a quick second look at what is being offered. Can you imagine getting back from MMS 2012 and showing your boss your new professional credentials? That would go a long way to proving the value and importance of your attendance to MMS 2012.

To get to the certification page (provided by Prometric), jump out to the MMS 2012 site, login, and then on the left-hand side, click the Certification Exams link.

Certs at MMS 2012

You’ll be whisked away to, what looks like, the general certification page, but there’s an extra piece of info (and link) for those MMS 2012 registrants that are logged in. 

Link to Prometric for MMS 2012

Clicking that link takes you to the special MMS Prometric page.

Prometric at MMS 2012

If you navigate down the page a bit, you’ll see a special MMS 2012 only promo code for you to register and claim your 30% discount.

I hope to see you all in studying hard and getting your certifications at MMS 2012!

What exams and training is available?

Certification Exams and training available at MMS 2012 

What are the Certification Center hours?

Certification Center hours at MMS 2012 – Yes!  You can even certify on Sunday!!!

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