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Get MMS 2012 Community notifications

MMS 2012 is steadily approaching, and with the time getting shorter more and more news will start filter out.  A lot of this news will be extremely important to you as we closer to the event.  So, today we wanted to expose some additional ways to stay in touch with MMS 2012 and receive up-to-the-minute news.

First off, as a myITforum member, you’ll want to join the Community Group.  The group can be found here:

Next, you’ll want to modify your email preferences.  Of course, you can choose to not receive email, but for those that still live and breath through email, you can choose from the following options, once you join the group:

Email notification options for MMS 2012

And, then for those simply want to review updates through the RSS feed mechanism, you can grab the following feed that retrieves all Community Group activity.

Community Group RSS Feed:

And, then of course, you can just watch the MMS 2012 news articles that filter through each week.

The articles page: 

The articles RSS feed:

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