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Windows 10

Freeing Up Disk Space After the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

To accomplish the upgrade to Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, Microsoft downloads a good chunk of the installation files to the local PC in the background so the upgrade can be performed without an Internet connection. Its also to ensure that the upgrade can roll back to the previous version of Windows if there are problems.

This is useful, until you realize that those files still exist after the upgrade. After you’re positive that everything is working, you can safely remove the files using the following procedure:

1. Run the Disk Cleanup app


2. When the app executes, choose the “Clean up System Files” option.


3. Locate and checkmark the “Previous Windows Installation(s)” option and hit the OK button.


The Disk Cleanup app will prompt you to make sure you really want to remove the previous version of Windows, but will allow you to do it if you choose to do so. Do this only if you’re positive everything is working after the upgrade. As you can see from the screen above, a LOT of space can be freed up after a Windows upgrade.

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