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Windows 10

Free Windows 10 Training Event Friday, Aug 14th – Live Jumpstart Online

Tomorrow, Friday, August 14th, there will be free online training event for Windows 10 in the Enterprise hosted by Microsoft Technical Evangelist Simon May.


The methods for provisioning and managing devices are changing rapidly with Windows 10.   There are opportunities to drastically rethink the way devices receive compliance settings, software, and updates which allow IT organizations to be far more agile than they have been. Improvements to Azure AD Domain Join, Microsoft Intune, and a slew of other cloud technologies also have the potential for changing the way IT challenges had been overcome in the past.


Check this session out for everything you need to get your IT organization ready for Windows 10 in the enterprise. Simon will talk about changes to deployment, servicing, and new features that IT departments will want to be on top of.


Register for the live online Windows 10 Jumpstart training with Simon May


While many enterprises have traditionally had a slow (or very slow) approach to testing and deploying new operating systems, Microsoft hopes to shatter that old paradigm with Windows 10.  Incredibly significant engineering investments have been made to enable highly successful in-place upgrades to Windows 10 from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.  This means that starting to test and deploy the new operating system no longer requires full wipe and reloads, and business areas can identify devices for production pilots with minimal effort.

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