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FREE Orchestrator IP for Microsoft System Center 2012

How often have you gone to build an automated System Center 2012 process and discovered that the Orchestrator IP for the System Center 2012 product you want to automate is missing the critical Activity you want to automate? If you are like us, practically every day.

Microsoft’s Integration Packs for their System Center 2012 toolset, lack certain capabilities that many Orchestrator users desperately need to automate their System Center 2012 deployments, you only need to follow this site to know this.

This new Integration Pack is built with the same Engineering rigger and Usability features we offer with all our Orchestrator Integration Packs, quite simply because we are building our Runbook Solutions content around much of this Integration Pack’s functionality.

The Integration Pack adds 24 automation tasks across Configuration Manager 2012, Operations Manager 2012 and Service Manager 2012.

We plan to increase the tasks supported by each activity. We also intend to add Activities for other Microsoft products like SCVMM and Azure.

So if there is something you think is missing and you would like to have it neatly packaged in an IP, you no longer need to comment on the forum about it, please contact us and let us know and we will review for future releases.

And if that isn’t enough good news already, it gets better.  The Microsoft System Center 2012 Integration Pack is FREE, Yes FREE.  We are not going to charge you to download and use the IP BUT if you want help and guidance with the operation of the IP then you will need to purchase the Optional Support and before you panic support is $1000 (£675) per year or included at no charge for customers who have licensed our Orchestrator Enhancement Pack.

Watch a demonstration video here

Download the free IP from here to find more.

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