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Flexera Software is committed to supporting the myITforum community

You may have noticed a new banner and graphics from Flexera Software gracing the site recently.  If not, here’s what it looks like:Flexera Software and myITforum

Since the recent acquisition of SCCM Expert, Flexera Software has done some extremely important things, extremely quickly.  Personally, I’ve never seen a company move with such speed after and acquisition, and I’ve been around this industry for a long, long while.  Read about the good moves here: SCCM Expert Self-service rebranded Flexera App Portal, now gets datasheets and case studies

What’s also important to understand, for all of you, is just how vested Flexera Software is in myITforum, and how much desire to prove to you that they are also community people.  Not only are they supporting you through their Gold sponsorship of the site, but they want, desperately, to connect with each of you.  This is exhibited directly in their site banners and graphics.  They’re not linking you to a product page, instead they chose to link you to their Community Group here on myITforum so they can interact and participate with the community.  Personally, I believe they “get it”, and are creating a sense of goodwill and and acceptance.

Jump out and join the Flexera Software Community Group and show them that you appreciate their support:

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