Fire TV Cube Gains Support for Another Pre-existing Alexa Capability

Fire TV Cube owners today can expect an update for their device that adds yet another already existing capability for Alexa.

Amazon added Announcements capability to all its devices in April of this year, but up until now, the Fire TV Cube hasn’t supported it.

Announcements allows you to use just a simple voice command to “announce” a message across every installed Echo device at once.

Just say… “Alexa, announce…“ or “Alexa, broadcast…“ or “Alexa, tell everyone…

…and, everything after the word “announce” or “broadcast” or “tell everyone” will be broadcast to every installed Echo device.

This feature was also just recently rolled out to the company’s Fire HD tablet devices. So, now calling the kids for dinner will be a lot easier.

The Fire TV Cube is Amazon’s attempt to combine its Echo speaker capability with its entertainment devices.