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Extra Credit sessions at MMS 2012 contain extra sauce

Sifting through the jungle that is the Session List for MMS 2012, you’ve probably come across the Extra Credit Sessions track.


I really want to spend a moment or two highlighting these.  Yes, some of these are non-technical, however, these are also as important to your professional life as anything else.  The Extra Credit sessions are rich with content that you can actually use and help improve your standing within your company and also in professional career.

I’ll go ahead and list these and explain them somewhat, but I also want to emphasize a couple late additions to the track.  Right in the middle are a couple job/career sessions that serve to answer the ever-burning questions about your place (as an IT worker) in the Cloud.  These will be extremely important, and even though session links are not available yet, these will be on Monday of MMS 2012.  Stay tuned, or check the Schedule when the actual times and location becomes available.

Also, looking through the list you’ll see someone from Microsoft Research presenting on Artificial Intelligence.  To me, that’s a must-not miss.  I’m a crazy, science nut, so you’ll definitely catch me at that one.

OK, now take a look at the last item in the list. We finally have a session dedicated to System Center 2012 licensing!  This will be huge.  Don’t miss it!

I’ve included links where available, but the others will be coming.

Here’s what’s available:

  1. 1. EC-B101: MMS 101: Conquering the Summit by Warren Byle.   This is aptly considered the “Freshman Session” at MMS.  Always valuable and always popular there are many who would benefit from Warren’s Tips and Tricks to make the most of the MMS experience.
  2. Three career future-oriented sessions:
    1. EC-B106: Cloud Computing and the Transformation of IT Careers by Mark Bowker, analyst with Enterprise Strategy Group
    2. EC-B107: Getting Ahead: Navigating the Changing Landscape of Your Career, moderated by Mark Bowker with 3 panelists.
    3. EC-B405: Top 10 Skills Your IT Team Must Possess by Laura Chappell
  3. The Value of Community EC-B206: How Participating in Community Can Save Money, Your Life, and Your Job with yours truly and Ron Crumbaker.
  4. EC-B205: Future Trends: Artificial Intelligence in IT with Dr. James McCaffrey of Microsoft Research
  5. EC-B105: Microsoft System Center 2012 Licensing with Sean Suydam of Microsoft


There’s some really great stuff there that you won’t want to miss!

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  1. I vote for EC-B405 Top 10 Skills Your IT Team Must Possess – with Laura Chappell. If you’ve never been to a season with her, you’ve missed one of the most dynamic speakers in the networking world. Her “Promiscuous NIC” sessions and packet analysis workshops are legendary.

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