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Expand Your USB Options on Your Xbox One with this Extender

Expand Your USB Options on Your Xbox One with this Extender

We recently had to purchase a new Xbox One controller because one of our wireless ones disappeared. We went with one with the AmazonBasics label (see HERE), mostly for the price. But the smaller price also meant that the new controller was wired instead of wireless. That turned out to be just fine, as the AmazonBasics one comes with a 10 ft. wire and has actually turned out to be a solid choice for a replacement.

But, being a wired controller means it needed a USB port. The Xbox One comes with a USB port in the back and one on the side. We already have an external drive (5 TB) running off one of the USB ports, leaving a single port open – which would summarily be home to the new AmazonBasics controller. I always like to think ahead and ended up researching USB expansion hubs.

The Xbox One will work with just about any hub, but I wanted one that would integrate well with the gaming console. After much research (which included asking friends and family who are serious gamers) we ended up with the USB expander by ElementDigital.

The ElementDigital device expands a single port to four, meaning we’d have adequate expansion for more of the AmazonBasics controllers. Plus (as shown below in the photos), the ElementDigital is made to conform to the shape of the Xbox One gaming system. Because this is intended for an Xbox One system and won’t work with just any USB port (due to the footprint/profile), it won’t disappear like the controller did.

The hub works great and I’m glad we’re prepared for whatever eventuality may come in the future.

Amazon has these for about $12: ElementDigital Xbox One USB Hub


  • EXPAND YOUR XBOX ONE USB: This USB Converter is designed for Xbox One, it adds 4 extra USB ports to your Xbox One, you can have the access to all functions of Xbox one freely and easily. This converter can provide you a more wonderful gaming experience.
  • PERFECT FIT: Perfect fit your Xbox One Console USB slot, you can now hook up an external USB hard drive as external storage.
  • MORE PORTS FOR ACCESSORIES: Expands your game console ports and keep your controller, keyboard, mouse, and phone into your XBOX One at all times.
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Did not need an extra power source it is powered by the Xbox One Console.
  • RELIABLE PURCHASING: Any questions or dissatisfaction with your purchase, please kindly let us know, ElementDigital guarantees your replacement or refund within 180 Days, and Lifetime Warranty.



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