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Enhansoft’s Microsoft Ignite 2015 SSRS Report Give-Away #2

The Count of Service Account Names report is our second give-away for Ignite 2015 attendees. Drop-by Booth #207 to get your free copy of this report! Next week we will tell you about the exciting updates we made to our software solutions, so make sure to check back to our site. Read more about Give-Away #1.

The Count of Service Account Names report is new to our Service category of reports found in Enhanced Web Reporting. It will display a count of all accounts used to run a service. This report is useful prior to deleting a service account or changing its password because you can proactively see how many services use a particular account before making any updates.

Count of Service Account Names

In the full version set found in Enhanced Web Reporting, this report will drill down to List of Services by Service Account Name which will tell you exactly which services on what computers will be affected.

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