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Downloading MMS2012 Session Videos

Maybe you’ve stressed or panicked a little because you were triple-booked for half the time slots and chose to see Niehaus and Johan duke it out over drivers rather than that session your boss was all hyper about.

Maybe you’ve got a long plane ride home and want to catch a few sessions you missed just to pass the time.

Or maybe you’re just like me, forced by unfortunate circumstances to miss MMS2012 and have to attend vicariously through Twitter and DigitalMMS, waiting the agonizing hours for the sessions everyone’s talking about to finally get uploaded so that you can watch in an undersized Silverlight window.

Boy, it sure would be easier to just download them like you did in past years and watch them whenever you want.

Well, you can. Sure, it’s not as easy as it was on the attendee site where you could just right-click and save videos and slide decks right out of the Schedule Builder…but it’s not too difficult in DigitalMMS.

The bare bones method is easy: the .WMV videos are all stored in the same URL location: (where XX-XXXX is the session number)

For example, the State of the Union session is

That’s super easy IF you know the specific session number you want.  If you’re like me though and just want it all (because Microsoft has decided NOT to send out DVDs to attendees, opting instead to simply leave all the On Demand content online for the next year plus), there is another way:

1. Sign in to the DigitalMMS site in Chrome (I tried making this work in IE but didn’t have much luck)
2. Navigate to the Keynotes & Sessions section
3. Open the Developer Tools in Chrome (Ctrl + Shift + I)
4. Click on the video stream you want
5. Expand under Frames > (Server.nxp) > ShowFloorFrame > (Server.nxp) > Other and you will see the XX-XXXX.wmv file for the session listed.


6. Right-click on the XX-XXXX.wmv file and select "Open link in new tab" and you will be prompted to save the file.

Since it just so happens you have the session name right there in the browser already, might as well take the time to add it to the file name!

That’s it! You can go back through and grab all the slide decks by adding them to your "briefcase" and downloading them in bulk later. Now you can watch videos offline to your heart’s content. 

Unfortunately, you can’t see Johan or Chris Nackers tweeting from stage during the sessions this way…some things you just have to be there to witness.


Big thanks to Mr Diagg (@Diagg) for pointing me in the right direction earlier on!

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. Much easier to watch them on my multimonitor configuration when I have the content stored locally and can run it full screen on one monitor while I work on the other two. 🙂

  2. CD-B101 and CD-B214 links appear to be dead.

    The video for CD-B320 stops after about 6 mins. The file size for that video is approx. 18 MB compared to > than 100 MB for all of the other videos. Does anyone know if something malfunctioned during that session’s recording process that prevented full capture or if the file was just corrupted during upload?

    Here are a few session videos that are not on Joe Gasper’s list:

  3. I pulled the session list into excel and concatenated them into urls and then dumped them into a text file. Found multiple powershell scripts for downloading via http from a file list. Got em all downloading now! Thanks for the download url!

    Joe Thompson

    • I used a similar automated download method, but opted for the venerable ‘wget’ command instead of PowerShell. PowerShell is epic, but I happened to be on a Linux system when I decided to download the Digital MMS 2012 content. Most of the PoSH scripts for this task probably don’t get much simpler/faster than the following one liner:

      wget -i MMS2012SessionUrls.txt

      163 .wmv files and about 32.7 GB later, I’m almost not regretting the fact that I didn’t attend MMS 2012 in person. Ok, well I’m sure the trip to Vegas would have definitely been way more fun, but at least I don’t have to completely miss out on all of the knowledge that was shared during these breakout sessions. Excellent content. Thanks MMS crew!

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