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Do your installations get “likes”?

As we talk to software developers and product managers around the world, the importance of a good customer installation experience remains a hot topic of conversation. Getting that customer “like” is not easy as technology continues to change. Teams are trying to figure out:

  • How do we make applications easier to consume?
  • We have more products. What's available to create one installation for multiple products to avoid multiple installations for our users?
  • Download speed is becoming more challenging. How can we start the installation faster?
  • Building software installations takes time … time that we can use to build new features. What's the right balance between installations and new features?
  • Our clients use a lot of software and know how the best apps work. An old-fashioned looking installation isn’t going to cut it. How can we look modern but not put more time into installations?

Concerns also include what happens beyond that first installation. The design of an installation has an impact on future updates and the effectiveness of an upgrade or patch is gauged by the following:

  • The new package updates the appropriate installed product and does not remove any required data
  • An update packaged as a full installation should behave correctly as a first-time installation 
  • The product information registered on the system should display information only for the newest product version

Wow, that’s a long list of requirements and challenges to get “likes.” It’s also why many developers and product managers decided to build installations with a software installation tool. In fact, in a recent survey by TechValidate, Flexera users indicated that solving customer experience challenges ranked as a top reason for choosing InstallAnywhere.

TechValidate_Successful Install Every Time image

Technology continues to move fast.  What new customer experience challenges are emerging for cross-platform installers and MSI Windows installers?  


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Don Hite began writing as a columnist for Rod Trent on SWYNK.Com (Now Enterpriseitplanet.Com) in the winter of 1999. In January of 2002 he co-founded the Kansas City Regional Systems Management Users Group (KCRSMUG) along with Janis Keim. Don is the eldest of four children and was born in the Army hospital at Wurzburg Germany in November of 1957. After living in Bad Kissingen Germany for the first few years of his life the Hite family moved back to the United States after his father retired from the army when Don was still in kaki army diapers. Educated by trade as a commercial master electrician Don made the career change from terminating Copper Conductor cable to terminating Ethernet cable in the early 1990’s. Don is married and lives on a farm in rural Kingsville Missouri with his wife Virginia (Ginny) and has a Son Lee, Stepdaughter Lisa and an 11 year old grandson named Blake.

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