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Do you like the System Center Suite 2012 Licensing changes announcement by Microsoft?

We just wanted to throw up a quick poll to get the feel about Microsoft’s System Center Suite 2012 licensing announcements. We are planning a more in-depth survey in the next couple days so stay tuned for that.

This is basically a Yes/No poll, giving us the ability to get the mood of the community about the licensing changes, but we have also included a spot where you can comment.  It wouldn’t be myITforum without adding in a real community aspect and giving you all a voice.

So, feel free to answer Yes or No and go about the rest of your day, or stick around and throw up some comments.  Incidentally, the comments and questions submitted will all be reviewed and delivered to the folks at Microsoft in charge of the licensing.  We’ll toss back their answers in the next week or so.

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