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Details: myITforum Party at MMS 2012

We are getting extremely close to MMS 2012!  As I write this, even, I can feel the excitement building.

Most of you have been waiting for the full details on the myITforum party at MMS 2012, so this post should serve as the defacto piece of information, giving you all the information you need to get a ticket, find the location in the Venetian, among other things.

Party Details

  • Date: Tuesday, April 17, 2012
  • Time: 7-9pm
  • Location: Casanova 601. 1st Floor of the conference center.

myITforum party and Meet and Geek location

How to get a ticket

Read about the “Running of the Bulls”:  myITforum in MMS 2012 booth 651, party tickets galore

Who is sponsoring the party?

Cover here, along with some nice anecdotes about the party sponsors: Thanks to our MMS 2012 myITforum Party sponsors!

Why is the party so popular?

The myITforum party at MMS is one of the highlights for many who attend and the huge rush to get tickets is overwhelming.  The party is popular because its designed just for geeks.  A place to eat, drink, and network and talk shop.  Nothing better.  IT’s nothing special on it’s own.  It’s the attendees that make it special.  You work with each other all year long online, but never get a chance to pat someone on the back or thank them for helping you.  This is your chance!


Questions?  Something we didn’t cover?  Use the comments in this post, or the Feedback button to the right to let us know.

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