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Deploying Android Apps with Windows Intune

Using Windows Intune standalone?  You can quickly deploy apps using the following process!  This example utilizes an Android emulator being managed through Intune.  For more information on how to set that up for testing, see: Setting up Windows Intune to Manage Android

Upload Android APK App

To begin, be sure to obtain a safe APK that you can deploy (e.g. don’t download an infected app!)

Click button to Add Software


Select the Android app installer type


Enter the desired app properties


Specify the Android OS version that the app can be installed upon


Finish the wizard


Deploy App to Device Group

Click button to Manage Deployment


Select the target group (this example just uses a static membership with my Intune user account)


Ensure the approval is set to be Available


Install App on Android Device

On your Android device (an emulator in this example), go to and sign in


Select the app category


Select the app


Click “Get app”


When the app has been download, click the “drop arrow” that appears in the upper-left corner


Select the app


Select to Install (lower-right)


And voila…you’re app is installed!!




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