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Deploying Adobe CS4 via SCCM

First off, Adobe sucks at creating installers.

Follow these directions, not Adobe’s and it will work out just fine.

1. Setup your  Package Source Like this

\\networkshare\Adobe CS4 Design Standard
with a subfolder called ‘Adobe CS4’..
Copy the setup files to the Adobe CS4 Folder

2. Download the CS4 Deployment Toolkit

3. Run the deployment toolkit

4. Enter in serial number .
5. Tick ‘Ignore client processes, click next
6. Remove Adobe Air, Acrobat.Com and Adobe Media Player from the Install, click Next, then Finish

This generates the files required for deployment.

7. Next edit AdobeUberInstaller.xml InstallerLocation section so it reads:
<InstallerLocation>./Adobe CS4</InstallerLocation>

8. Copy the 4 files to the package source above the Adobe CS4 folder.

9. Create the Package in SCCM and a program that runs AdobeUberInstaller.exe

10. Change the programs properties to require a specific drive letter.

11. Advertise! But remember to select run from distribution point.

Tested Design Standard and Dreamweaver so far, about 8 more to go 🙁

Problems I had getting to this stage

  • Installer would look for an Adobe CS4 folder
  • Installer would work only if I downloaded it to the computer (took hours)
  • Installer can’t install Adobe Air
  • Exit codes -1, 6, 7, 1 playing with different configurations – It just doesn’t like to work.

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I am an SOE Engineer working mainly with SCCM. I hope some of my blogs can help others deal with problems I have come across.

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