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DCR – ConfigMgr 2012 – Add the ability to inventory user profile specific information natively!

Have you ever needed to inventory user-based information? User based application installs like Chrome or Firefox? How about a windows setting that is profile specific, like a certain registry key?

Let’s get this functionality native to hardware inventory!

Vote up the request on Connect here:

Hardware inventory can pull just about anything you want, as long as you can script it and store it in WMI, registry, local files, etc. There is a common request for information stored in the users profile whether it be applications installs, registry keys, profile settings, etc. There are custom scripts put out by the community, but they can be intensive to implement.

Please add this functionality to ConfigMgr natively!

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  1. Interesting. Unfortunately, the link is broken. A engineer I work with and I are able to inventory user profile by machine by:

    Administration > Client Settings > Software Inventory > Set Types = File Name: NTUSER.DAT

    Then in SQL

    –Change ‘%ADID% to ‘%The AD UserID%’ you want to query



    vSMS_R_System.Name0 as ‘Machine Name’,

    (Replace(Replace(Replace(Replace(v_GS_SoftwareFile.FilePath,’c:users’,”),’C:documents and settings’,”),”,”),’.NAM’,”)) as [User Name],

    ModifiedDate as ‘Date’



    left join vSMS_R_System on vSMS_R_System.ItemKey = v_GS_SoftwareFile.ResourceID

    –Only pull back Production Reboot collection



    FileName = ‘NTUSER.DAT’

    and v_GS_SoftwareFile.FilePath like ‘%ADID%’


    It will be interesting to see what and how you accomplished this task.

    • Cruz, that will only inventory the user profiles, but this request is to inventory any information that is stored in a users profile, such as registry keys and such.

      In order to access the link you have to use a Microsoft account and login to and join the ConfigMgrvNext feedback group. Then you can see the post.


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