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CUVR Amazon Echo Case Cover

Recently, I tested and reviewed (and am actually still using) a protective cover for my Amazon Tap Alexa device. That protective cover was by a company called CUVR. Read that review HERE.

The importance of having a cover for the Tap device is that the Tap is intended to be mobile. Installing a cover is a must to better save the device from rolling off a table or following some other means to destruction. Additionally, as you read in the review, the Tap benefits from this particular cover because the cover also allows you to sit the device on its side. The cover from CUVR is definitely better than the one Amazon provides for a few reasons.

In addition to the Tap (which is the device I use the most – and probably the better choice of all the Alexa devices) I own a couple Dots and an Echo. CUVR also makes a cover for the Echo, Amazon’s larger, more substantial device. I was able to acquire and test this cover recently.

You might think that since the Echo isn’t intended as a device that’s carried around from place to place, like the Tap, that it wouldn’t need a cover. However, the tall profile of the Echo and its placement in your home could make it a topple target. The CUVR cover for the Echo is protective enough that unless it falls directly on its top (the cover doesn’t protect the top for obvious reasons – the Echo top twists for volume control), the silicon cushioning should save it from damage. Our Echo is our kitchen device, so we keep it out of the way by giving it its permanent place on top of the refrigerator.

But, the real value for this cover is how, like the cover for the Tap, enables it to lay on its side without rolling due to how the silicon is squared around its circumference. For those that don’t have ample space to store the Echo standing up, the CUVR cover provides the ability to lay the Echo flat inside a shelving unit or some other place where there’s not enough headroom. It gives the Echo owner more options for where the Echo can sit.

Installation is tough. The CUVR cover is form fitted. It took me about 10 minutes to get the cover installed just right. But, once its installed, shifted, and in place, it fits and looks great.

You can find the CUVR Echo cover on Amazon for around $12: Amazon Echo Case Cover Stand [Anti-Roll] Silicone Accessories by CUVR

Here’s some pics of how this looks… (click any image for a larger view)

IMG_4380 IMG_4382 IMG_4383 IMG_4384 IMG_4385 IMG_4386 IMG_4387

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