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Patch Management / Patch Tuesday

Customer Petition to Bring Back the Old Microsoft Security Bulletins

In November of last year, Microsoft announced that it would end how it distributed security patch information. The company said that it would stop using the old format and would migrate to the new Security Updates Guide which is located here:

This month, the complaints are starting to mount in the communities. A thread has been started in the forums for the Security TechCenter to Bring the old Security Bulletins back. The please is pretty simple…

While it’s appreciated to have a searchable database in the Security Update Guide, it is too cumbersome to use to quickly get the information needed on Update Tuesday…

…It seems the desire is to simply say, “The updates are in cumulative packages so you have to install everything anyway. Just trust us!” Unfortunately this does not fly in most organizations. We need to quickly ascertain where the risks are, are they actively exploited, are their any workarounds, etc.

…Please don’t make the jobs of the IT professionals who depend on this information any harder.

If you also feel this way, you can jump out and add your comments or just VOTE for the topic.

Go here: Bring the old Security Bulletins back

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