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Could Microsoft be on the verge of fixing ConfigMgr inventory data noise?

ConfigMgr is a an awesome tool to discover everything that exists on a PC through the inventory process.  But, as ConfigMgr admins know, the amount of data that is returned is overwhelming and confusing due to the way software application identify themselves on a computer.  Some of the biggest offenders are Adobe and even Microsoft.  As an example, in all of Adobe’s history, it has never seemed to be able to develop a valid uninstall routine, leaving multiple versions of files for the supposed same product strewn across the PC hard drive.  ConfigMgr inventory picks up each and every version and records the information as such, giving the ConfigMgr admin loads of extra work trying to sift through the mounds of Adobe bunk.

According to a news pick-up by Martin Thompson, Microsoft has announced support for the new Embed ISO/IEC 19770-2 Software ID tags.  What???  I thought that myself until I read Martin’s article. Basically, it’s a way to embed a tag (tags – much like you see in blogs and articles) to help identify and categorize the software.

Will this be the ultimate fix?  We’ll see, but I highly doubt it.  You’ll still have vendors that don’t adhere to the standard, plus, inventory processes will need to change.

Read the entire post by Martin Thompson: Microsoft to Embed ISO/IEC 19770-2 Software ID Tags

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