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Cortana Stops Tracking Packages?

Cortana Stops Tracking Packages?

UPDATE: Microsoft has since replied with the following…

We are constantly evaluating and finessing the Cortana experience to offer users the most valuable features and capabilities. For package tracking ease, Outlook will continue to manage your package tracking emails, and create events in your calendar with details.

So, Microsoft has indeed disabled this functionality.

Original article…

Its not clear whether its because of the new Alexa integration, or something else, but Cortana has lost the ability to track your package deliveries for some people.

Confirmed by others, if you go into the Cortana Notebook and choose the Packages service under Manage Skills, it now indicates that this feature is no longer available. Some, though, have looked and stated that Cortana is still tracking their packages.  So, its confusing why it works for some and not others. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to confirm.

This was actually a pretty useful feature and just highlights more about the Windows 10 evolution that continues to make very little sense. Its rumored that Microsoft will pare down the size of its Windows team after the next big release in the next few weeks. This clearly shows that Microsoft is no longer a Windows focused company, and also clearly doesn’t want to be.

Microsoft continues to rollout new features in its big, bi-annual releases that nobody really wants, all on the premise that it was customer direct and suggested – however, the company has done a good job replacing existing features with updated ones instead of just ending much-loved features completely. So, maybe there’s a replacement feature coming for tracking packages or Microsoft will just rely on Alexa to fulfill requests.

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