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Microsoft Surface

Consumer Reports Marks Microsoft Surface Devices Unreliable

In what could be a disaster for some of Microsoft’s latest device programs for Enterprises, Consumer Reports has now labeled the Surface line of devices as unreliable.

Consumer Reports says that…

…25 percent of Microsoft Surface computers will break within two years

Full report: Microsoft Surface devices fail on reliability: Consumer Reports

Microsoft, of course, disputes the study and indicates that its own data shows different results. According to Consumer Reports survey responses…

The Microsoft devices were found to freeze, unexpectedly shut down or have issues with their touchscreens.

Any Surface owner has experienced these types of problems at one point or another and more than not, the solution comes in a firmware update. Rarely are Surface issues hardware specific. But, Consumer Reports says it 90,000 Surface owners (both tablet and laptop) and the firm is considered at reliable source.

Most Surface owners move on to new devices within 2 years or less, but that doesn’t mean the public considers them throw-away devices.

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