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Configuration Manager (1511) – SMSPXE.log: “Failed to retrieve version of the file…Error code: 0x80004005”

While working on my lab, I saw smspxe.log errors like the one in the title for the Configuration Manager 1511 release that was recently made public, and since I noticed others reporting the same errors in the log of their 1511 builds, I wanted to post this quick FYI explanation about them.

These errors seem to be occurring in the log on sites with PXE-enabled distribution points as well as those without PXE-enabled DPs; however, normal functionality does not appear to be affected in anyway. And while the error code indicates a permissions problem (0x80004005), verification shows no discrepancies with assigned permissions to the path/file indicated in the log.

These “errors” are simply the result of some logging changes for the 1511 release of Configuration Manager, and can be ignored w/o impact to the site system(s).

Future releases will either have this entry categorized as informational or will be removed entirely.

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Senior Premier Field Engineer - Microsoft Corporation Mark has been working as a Manageability PFE (SCCM/SCOM) for Microsoft, since April 2006, supporting various CONUS/OCONUS engagements for the federal government. Prior to this, he has worked with SMS/SCCM for various other organizations since approx. 1997 (starting with SMS v1.2). A native Texan, Mark lives in Virginia with his wife Christy. They have three children and one grandchild. LinkedIn Profile:

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