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ConfigMgr Tech Preview – Deployment Verification!

The ConfigMgr 2012 May 2015 Tech Preview released today! There are quite a few new features to check out, most around MDM and Windows 10, but there was one that apparently got left out of the announcement and documentation.

Full documentation:

If you have been a ConfigMgr admin for a while, you have probably heard of Bank of Australia (CommBank) and Emory University. They had some unfortunate mishaps with ConfigMgr deployments in the last couple years.

The ConfigMgr community spoke out and it looks like Microsoft answered, we now have some new options under Deployment Verification!

Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Site Properties



I set this up in my lab, so I didn’t have too many clients. I set my Default size to 1.

I threw together a quick task sequence called Required Task Sequence with a single step, Install Operating System and pointed it to my Server 2012 R2 media. Setup a required deployment and immediately I saw some new prompts!

Warning 1



When I went to choose a collection to deploy to, I noticed a new checkbox Hide collections with a member count greater than site’s minimum size configuration (1) and my list of available collections was empty!

Notice how the size configuration is shown in parenthesis.



Let’s uncheck that box!

Warning 2

DeploymentVerificationPrompt3When you uncheck that box, you get another warning. You have chosen to display additional collections that exceed the site’s default size for deployment verification. Available collections are still restricted by the site’s maximum size configuration. 

Interesting! So based on the settings above, you can set a default size to limit what is initially shown, but your deployment admins can still uncheck and view them. If you set a maximum size, they will have no options to see the collections!

I did a quick test to verify. If you set the maximum size, you get no deployment larger than that in your list of collections. I set mine to 1, and my only collection with 2 resources was no longer in the list. I basically could not move forward with the deployment.

After you set your deployment settings, and before the summary screen you get one last warning, this one is a pretty explicit one!

Final Warning



This final warning has two useful items:

  • The number of resources targeted is listed
    • Contains more than 2 resources
  • The admin must check the box to continue, otherwise OK stays grayed out
    • I want to create this high risk deployment. (This will generate an audit status message)

Personally, this is a good step in the right direction of ensuring deployments that are high risk do not go out unintentionally. Hopefully these few prompts will prevent some accidents in the future. Nice work Microsoft!

There are alot of other new features in the Tech Preview, so I am excited to see what everyone else shares!

Happy deployments!

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