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ConfigMgr (SCCM) – SLP-MP Health Check Script

I would like to share a very useful script to check the availability/functionality of Management Point (MP) and Server Locator Point (SLP) in a ConfigMgr environment.

Download the script and read the full post @


SLP-MP Health Check Script can be scheduled to run automatically with no user intervention. To run the SLP-MP Health Check Script, download the script with all supporting folder s to the local drive. Set up a Windows scheduled task to run SLP-MP Health Check Script at the preferred interval.


How it works?

SLP-MP Health Check Script will connect to SCCM/ConfigMgr DB and run a SQL query to fetch the list of servers with MP & SLP roles installed. The query will return SiteCode, ServerName & RoleName details. These details are furnished in a tabular format (with the test results of MP/S & SLP/S) and send across an eMail alert to receipts.

Sample eMail alert :



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Glad to share something that I've gone through in my professional career. I've 12+ years of experience in Information Technology and since 2006 am working with SMS and then SCCM.

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