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ConfigMgr 2012: Right-click console tools are not dead, Jim

With the release of CM2012, you’ll get to see a whole new frontend for the ConfigMgr console. Its much improved and definitely will be welcomed by everyone.

Over the years, due to the limited function of the ConfigMgr 2007 console, customers and community members have developed their own functionality to add to the console in what has become called “right-click tools”.  Just as the name suggests, by clicking the right mouse button within the ConfigMgr 2007 console, a context menu of additional items and functions became available for use.  In light of the popularity of the roll-your-own methods for improving ConfigMgr 2007, Wiki pages – even MMS sessions – were dedicated to tracking updates to the tools and learning how to create them yourself.  Some folks went even further and tried to develop actual applications built around the functionalities provided by the homegrown solutions.

So…the right-click tools are still popular.  And, as we know, Microsoft never, ever provides 100% of what we want or need within our own environments.  Microsoft does a great job of providing an excellent framework where all the moving parts are well oiled, tested, and QA’d before exiting the assembly line.  So, it goes without saying that folks will be looking for the ability to create right-click tools for CM2012.

I received a note from Neil Peterson on exactly this same topic.  Neil has not only posted information about right-click tools in CM2012, he has also put together a completely walk-through example of how to create a right-click extension for CM2012!

Read the full post: Long Live Right Click Tools – System Center 2012 Configuration Manager Console Extensions

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