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ConfigMgr 2012, MDT 2012 and Orchestrator – Move Computer to OU

Really great post by Peter Van Der Woude, this had been on a list of mine to get this working and blog it, but guess I don’t need to anymore!

Read his post here.

The power of Orchestrator 2012 to automate actions is getting bigger and bigger, as the community for it grows and by that the number of Integration Packs (IPs). Of course there are also IPs for ConfigMgr, from both Microsoft itself and the community (via CodePlex). Besides that there wasn’t a real integration between ConfigMgr and Orchestrator, yet, but with MDT 2012 Update 1 a really nice new cool feature was introduced. This feature is the Execute Runbook –step during a Task Sequence. It gives anyone, with or without real programming skills, more robust options during a Task Sequence, as long as an IP exist for the action anyone wants to perform. Just remember, lots of these IPs are created by the community. So deliver useful feedback on them, or even better add your own actions, or IPs.

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